Wordpress Categories And Tags

After a couple of weeks on Wordpress, I have decided that I am using Categories and Tags badly, basically my tags and categories were close to being the same and I was struggling to know how to use them.

What I have decided is to cut down on the number of categories and treat these as “feeds”; so I have a technology feed, a Linux feed, a Debian feed, and only a couple of others. These are the feeds to which I am committing to maintain, so if you are only interested in my posts on Linux, you can feel confident about changing your subscription to my Linux category.

The remaining categories are:

As you can see from the above layout, my technology feed will include Linux and Debian.

For the RSS feeds, just append “feed/” to the end of the above categories, or visit the above pages and subscribe to the feeds via your browser feed functionality.

This means that you can subscribe to the element of my blog that you find interesting, and save yourself the grief of reading about my dog waking me up at 5.00am vomiting. Or, if you are one of my non-geek friends, you could subscribe to my personal feed and avoid all my weird ramblings about the leenucks.

If you want a more fine-grained approach, then you can of course use the tags in the same way, but the difference is that I am not committing to maintain tags, the tags are by their nature more anarchic. But nevertheless if you wanted to watch my posts on the dreamplug (random example) you would just visit:

Just don’t be surprised if there are no further posts on dreamplug. There probably won’t be.

Be warned, part of the reason for this change is that I intend starting a more personal blog, which could be exceedingly boring for some of you; just subscribe to the technology or Linux feeds instead.

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