LTSP | Sound in rdesktop sessions

Today I discovered that since our upgrade to LTSP5, sound has stopped working in rdesktop sessions. Worse, it bombs users out of their Windows session with the error:

rdesktop: pcm_params.c:2351: sndrv_pcm_hw_params: Assertion `err >= 0' failed.

Under 4.2 it was working beautifully simply by prefixing rdesktop with esddsp, e.g.

$ esddsp rdesktop -r sound:local

But removing esddsp or replacing with padsp causes exactly the same error message. I suspect with alsa the esddsp/padsp fix is no longer required, but why does it not work?

I have even tried pointing padsp at the client pulseaudio deviceā€¦

$ padsp -d -s -n rdesktop rdesktop -r sound:local

I have posted this as a question on the LTSP Mailing List and am hopeful of a solution!

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