The Green Icons are breeding

Following the installation of Italc on our LTSP Server, users reported that they had several green icons in their system tray. This transpired to be the KDE session manager, which automatically restores all applications running at time of logging-off. I have updated my Install Italc instructions to include excluding ica from KDE session manager.

In trying to kill off the multiple ica processes, I found that ps can do more than just ps aux. I found that ps -fHu username would provide a tree-view of the specified user, which is much neater than piping ps through grep.

And then our /tmp filesystem filled up, and I just simply could not work out why. Until, at least, I managed to trash our virtualised Windows Server 2003 (running under Qemu), by inadvertently disabling its network card and thus triggering the server monitoring - which automatically killed and restarted it; 600mb freed up in a second.

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