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The ltsp-build-client command will download a complete Debian filesystem into /opt/ltsp/i386 (or specify an alternate location with --base) and install the ltsp-client and ldm (LTSP Display Manager) packages. As such, you will probably only run this command the first time you install LTSP5.

You should move /opt/ltsp to /opt/ltsp_old before you start.

Man Page

You should see the man page appropriate for your system, but the Debian Lenny man page current states:

ltsp-build-client(8)                                                                                                                                                                                               ltsp-build-client(8)

    ltsp-build-client - Builds an LTSP client system for use with the LTSP server

    ltsp-build-client  <options>

    ltsp-build-client  builds  an  ltsp client chroot using standard packages for use with the ltsp server.  This chroot installation  can be modified in a number of ways as outlined in the OPTIONS section.  If present, defaults
    will be read from the configuration file /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf, and will be overridden by using the command line options. ltsp-build-client is usually run as the root  user.   Visit  for  more

    Not all options are available on all installations. For a complete list of available options, use the --help and --extra-help options.

    --arch arch
                Builds a chroot with the specified architecture. Must be a supported architecture of the distribution, and compatible with the host architecture.  Defaults vary by distribution.

    --base dir
                Sets the default path for the ltsp chroots to be installed into. Defaults to /opt/ltsp/.

    --chroot file
                Sets the default name for the ltsp chroot. Defaults to the architecture selected with --arch or the running architecture.

    --conf file
                Load configuration defaults from specified file. See CONFIG FILE below for more information.

    --dist distribution
                Distribution : Sets the distribution to be installed in the client chroot.  Defaults to the running distribution.

                Displays all available commandline options.

    --help    Displays the ltsp-build-client help message.

    --mirror mirror_url
                Select the mirror to download packages from. file:/// and http:// URLs are supported.

    ltsp-build-client will read a configuration file to override built-in defaults. the default location for this configuration file is /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf, and can be specified with the --conf commandline option.

    values are NAME="VALUE" pairs, with # representing commented lines. most commandline options have an equivalent. an example Debian based system with an alternate base location, architecture, and distribution:

        # set alternate default location for ltsp chroot (--base)
        # build an amd64 chroot by default (--arch)
        # build a Debian sid environment (--dist)

    ltsp-update-sshkeys(8), ltsp-update-kernels(8).

    ltsp-build-client is part of ltsp package and the latest versions are available in source form from

    Peter Savage
    updated 2006, 2009 by Vagrant Cascadian
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