Home Theatre PC - Test Boot

At last the 24-pin ATX PSU extension cable has arrived - enabling me to perform a test boot.

It switched on okay, but the front LEDs were not working, neither the power nor the disk LED; so it seems that they are not wired up correctly, although I really can’t see how I could have got it wrong.

It booted into a Kubuntu 10.04 USB stick without any problems. The network card was detected correctly and I was able to browse the Internet without any configuration. The Nvidia card was detected correctly, using the open source driver, obviously I will install the Nvidia binary driver. The only strangeness was the lack of sound via the HDMI cable, but looking in the BIOS afterward I noticed an option “Audio via HDMI” which I have enabled, it was set to auto, but maybe that’ll make a difference.

It is difficult to say how quiet it is at present, as any sound it was making was being drowned out by our noisy old mythbox.

I can’t wait to have a decent chunk of time to start the installation.

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