Automatically Process New Files With Fsniper

I had never heard of fsniper until it was mentioned in a mailing list today, but it sounds excellent: :: Automatically process new files with fsniper

Now I am wondering if I can use it to prompt an rsync to sync our shared documents to our remote site, and it seems I could.  This is a major headache for me, as we have two branches and a shared documents repository.

I have previously tried using Unison to synchronise between the branches, but this has created a lot of load on the master server, massively slowing down performance for all the users on the master server.

We are currently using apache2+webdav+svn but this is not working well for us.  Potentially fsniper+rsync could work very well.  It would clearly need to be running on both servers and I can see a potential clash if the two servers happen to try and update the same file at the same time.  More thought is required, any suggestions - do let me know.

The links to the fsniper site seem to be outdated in both of the above articles, but it may be found at:

It doesn’t appear to be packaged for Debian, but I will probably compile from source and try it soon.  More later!

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