Banking With Barclays On Linux

Further to my recent post on the subject, I have now found more information on the Barclays Corporate website:

To access Business Internet Banking you need four things present at the same time:

  1. A PC or laptop with the software that runs the smart card reader installed
  2. A smart card reader. This is a hardware device, attached to your PC that the smart card is inserted into
  3. A smart card unique to each individual user. The card will become “locked” if an invalid PIN is entered in excess of a pre defined number of times
  4. A PIN unique to each individual user.

Unfortunately the Software Requirements link, at the bottom of that page, states only that you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which I suspect is not the only software requirement!

The Barclays Personal On-line banking works with all the browsers, so if the same is true of the Corporate banking, then it is at least possible that I could install Firefox under Wine on Linux, providing only that I can get the smart card reader to work.

The difficulty would be if it needs Active-X support, which whilst theoretically supported under the latest versions of Wine, would make the proposition very much less likely to work.

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