Where Are Debian News And Debaday

I went to look for an article on fcheck, that I originally found on http://debaday.debian.net, only to find the site down, there is a related bug, but no news on where it has gone nor why.  The debaday service was fantastic for finding out about useful packages, in fact that was how I learned about fcheck.

Then I ended up at http://news.debian.net/, and what do I see but:

news.debian.net is closing. In the next days, the website will become a static copy.

Thank you for following all this 19 months!

No explanation, just that.  If it was coming back soon, one would have expected the announcement to state that, so the assumption has to be that these valuable services have both come to an end.

This makes me sad.  The answer is for the community to leap in, and I hope this time that the work can be distributed; so that it is not reliant on any one person.

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