Choppy Audio Silverlight Over RDP

Following my recent post regarding Silverlight, unfortunately I have hit disaster.  When the audio starts, it sounds choppy with a double-echo or reverb.  In short it is unusable.  All other audio works fine, even on the same webpage, but as soon as you try and listen to a Silverlight widget it sounds terrible.

Googling “silverlight rdp choppy” in desperation has not filled me with confidence, there are a number of posts including:

It is possible that upgrading to Windows Server 2008 would resolve this issue; although there are issues I believe in connecting to the latest RDP version using rdesktop.

I did find this advice from Microsoft, the Microsoft RDP Client was the only sound card available, but I followed the advice anyway to no avail.

What I simply do not understand is why all other audio works perfectly via RDP, except Silverlight, especially given the fact that Silverlight and RDP are Microsoft products.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

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