Three Things I Love About Pekwm

Three things I love about pekwm:

Window grouping: I love the fact that you can middle click on a window’s titlebar and drop it onto another window and the two windows join together - with the titlebar split in segments. You can switch between the applications by clicking on the relevant part of the titlebar, or use the Windows key with TAB - so just as Alt+Tab switches between windows, Windows+Tab switches between the applications grouped inside the current window.

Double-click to fill available space: I love the fact that you can open an application and just double-click on its titlebar to fill the available space. This feels so intuitive and just so damned right, that I struggle to understand why it is not the standard behaviour in all window managers and desktop environments.

Clicking on the desktop edge moves you to the next workspace: I’ve never really got on with multiple desktops/workspaces - it is difficult enough to keep track of multiple applications inside a single workspace, but pekwm has converted me. I find it just so intuitive that, by clicking on the edge of the desktop, that it it progresses you to the next desktop.

So what do you love about pekwm?

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