Viewing A Textual PDF In Mutt

I think there must be something wrong with me. Why, in this age of graphical user interfaces, does it delight me so much that I can view textual PDFs within Mutt (on a remote server without a gui)?

To set this up, you need to install pdftotext. This application is available in either poppler-utils or xpdf-utils - most people seem to use the latter, but I suspect the former is probably a better option for a text-only server. I installed poppler-utils.

Next create (or edit) the ~/.mailcap file, so that it has the following line:

application/pdf;                pdftotext -layout %s -; copiousoutput

You could also add the line:

text/html;                      elinks %s; nametemplate=%s.html`

The latter line opens HTML attachments in elinks.

Then just hit ā€œVā€ when viewing an email, and you will see the attachments, select the attachment and hit Enter to view it. Awesome :)

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