Fitting MSATA Drive To The Novatech Nfinity N1410

As discussed in my earlier The Novatech nFinity n1410 Review, I made a mistake in sticking with the default 128gb SSD. I promised to write up how I carried upgraded my Ultrabook by adding an mSATA drive, but time has passed and I failed to take any notes.

The drive I ordered was a Crucial CT256M4SSD3 256GB m4 mSATA 6Gb/s Internal SSD.

The installation was not difficult, and to the best of my recollection followed these steps:

  1. Undo screws on bottom;
  2. Use knife to gently release the catches around the keyboard;
  3. Carefully remove keyboard;
  4. I seem to recall that there were additional screws behind the keyboard, which need to be removed;
  5. Fit mSATA drive, fixing with screw supplied with the drive;
  6. Close case.

Apologies that these instructions are so poor, but hopefully the photographs in the Picasaweb album will help.

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