Oh Vodafone

Oh Vodafone, please explain to me,
how a business based on technology,
can be so bad at web-based stuff?
Really, downloading a bill should not be so tough!

I understand that I must now log on,
and pasting your password can no longer be done,
but why does it have to take me all day,
to reach what could have been one click away?

The fact that the invoice is live generated,
is clever technology, though that could be debated,
but would it not be easier all round,
if the invoice was sitting ready to bring down

I would not mind if the system was quick,
but I click and I wait and I wait and I click.
So next time you think of a clever solution,
think, will it be quick and will it be easy?

Unable to succesfully[sic] process request.
ERR-010: Request timeout.
Contact the application system administrator or Help Desk.

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