Howto | Spellcheck in irssi

This page explains how to set up spelling in Irssi on Debian Lenny. It assumes that you have already installed irssi.

Install packages

# apt-get install aspell-en libaspell-dev aspell libtext-aspell-perl

Don’t forget to change the localisation to match your own locale.

Create user’s scripts folder

$ mkdir -p */.irssi/scripts/autorun

Download the irssi script

$ cd */.irssi/scripts
$ wget
$ cd autorun
$ ln -s ../

Restart irssi

Lastly, either restart IRSSI, or, in type:

/script load ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/

You should see aspell loading and your locale mentioned.


How the spelling functionality works is that you enter a word and then, before pressing spacebar, you hit the [TAB] key, whereon the preceding word will be spellchecked.


If you have not installed the correct aspell localisation, then you may find that irssi segfaults.


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