Wordpress Comments Migration to Disqus

I assumed that, when I migrated from Wordpress to Jekyll, one of the casualties would be the old Wordpress comments. I had decided to use DISQUS for comments on Jekyll, partly because it is the “new thing” and partly because it is incredibly easy to achieve. But I never for a moment considered that migrating the old comments would be a possibility.

In fact, not only is it possible, but it is almost trivially easy.

I did encounter a few issues, as I had foolishly renamed some pages to more logical names, thereby both breaking all Google and other links, but also breaking the link with DISCUS comments. That was a very bad idea and as a consequence I spent quite a while renaming files back again, but other than that it all worked flawlessly. If you are going to rename pages - probably best to do it in Wordpress before migrating to Jekyll.

Well done [DISCUS] for making something that you would expect to be difficult easy. And thank you Wordpress for providing a decent export routine, without which my data would have been locked away.

I look forward to your comments!


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