LTSP | Sound problem fixed

Further to my recent post, it transpired that rdesktop uses /dev/dsp which is incompatible with alsa. Specifying “oss” as the sound driver, instead of the default, worked fine.

$ padsp rdesktop -r sound:local:oss

This is apparently because rdesktop version 1.5 does not support alsa, but still uses /dev/dsp as the sound device. A new version 1.6 of rdesktop is now available (albeit not in the debian etch or etch-backports repositories), which should address this issue. Unfortunately we are using a patched version of rdesktop, provided by fontis, and I know they were struggling to integrate their patches into the latest versions. I should probably attempt to contact them at some point.

This also represented my first attempt at using IRC #ltsp - which proved invaluable. Installed Konversation, as I could not get on with Kirc.

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