Kubuntu to Debian Sid

It’s been bothering me for some time that I am using Kubuntu instead of Debian on my work desktop PC. Yesterday I had a drive failure necessitating a reinstall; what better excuse could there be? Having decided to change to Debian, I decided to install Sid, and then I decided that, as KDE 4.1 is now out, why not go the whole hog.

The experience was pretty positive, really the only problem was that I needed to tweak the xorg.conf in order to get my keyboard and mouse working, other than that it was a pretty straightforward install.

Section "ServerLayout"
    Identifier   "Default Layout"
    Screen       "Default Screen"
    Inputdevice  "Generic Keyboard"
    Inputdevice  "Configured Mouse"

Installing VirtualBox was not such fun, but the following link sorted me out:

So far I have installed Iceweasel3, OpenOffice3, NoMachine NX Client and VirtualBox, and it’s running really nicely. I have activated the KDE4 compositing effects, which seem very slow, so hopefully some room for improvement there in subsequent releases.

So would I recommend Debian Sid KDE4.1 over Kubuntu? Well I think that’s an unfair comparison, as I’ve installed a bleeding edge solution, but all-in-all it really wasn’t a scary installation at all.

Well done to the Debian team.

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