Howto | Build VirtualBox from Source


Download Open Source Edition (OSE) from VirtualBox:


Install the following pre-requisites:

# apt-get install gcc g++ bcc iasl xsltproc xalan libxalan110-dev uuid-dev zlib1g-dev libidl-dev libsdl1.2-dev libxcursor-dev libqt3-headers libqt3-mt-dev libasound2-dev libstdc++5 libhal-dev


# sudo su
# ./configure
# .  << Note the space between the '.' and 'env'
# kmk all


# cd out/linux.x86/release/bin/src
# make
# make install
# cd ..


This document has been copied from the following, which you should read as your primary source.

I also found the following (suitably adapted for Debian) to be most useful:

Although I could not get subversion working from behind our proxy server, the source for 1.5.2 was downloadable at the above site.

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