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The area of virtualisation is one of rapid development and you should investigate more widely before making any decisions.

Options for Windows Virtualisation

There are several options for Windows virtualisation, including:


A true open source virtualisation product, but one that runs slowly, often too slowly to be of use. Fortunately you can optimise QEMU by the installation of one of the following:

The former is not entirely open source, but is your main option if you have a Kernel less than 2.6.20.


Is not an open source product, but is available free. It is considered to be very quick.


InnoTek offer two versions of their VirtualBox product:

I have tested on Debian with great success and the following are the links I used:

VMWare Server

Free but not open source. Requires compiling from source. Excellent reliability, supported product. The author has not tested this product.

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