Wine 1.4 On Debian Wheezy

I was delighted to read this morning that Wine 1.4 stable had been released, a quick dpkg -l wine revealed that my Debian Wheezy install was running version 1.0.1, several significant versions old.  There may be good stability reasons for that decision, but I can afford to be a little more adventurous on my desktop PC.

So the question was how to build, well some brief and helpful instructions are already available.

The only ways I deviated from these instructions was to use the standard Wine option for the build:

$ cd tmp/ $ ./tools/wineinstall

Taking the option for “no” to build without installation, and once complete I installed with:

$ sudo checkinstall

Checkinstall is a wonderful program to install from source via a Deb package, that can later be uninstalled or upgraded.

Many thanks to lindqvist for saving me the hassle of working out the dependencies!

Update Wine 1.5 has now been announced!

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