Intermittent USB3 Drive Mount Continued

Further to my recent post Intermittent USB3 Drive Mount, sadly I have to report that, after ten days of perfect operation, this morning once again the drive mount failed.

# dmesg | tail

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Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Standing Desk

In my recent post on the Bac Posture Stand I mentioned that I had purchased the Varidesk Pro Plus 48. I promised to review this “in due course” and that time has now come!

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Howto | Add ActiveDirectory Addressbook to Sylpheed Email

Where we require a lightweight mail client, we tend to use Sylpheed (from which Claws Mail was later forked).

It seems unlikely that you would be able to add an ActiveDirectory Address Book into such a lightweight email client, and indeed the manual states:

### FIXME: write this part.

But in fact it was trivially easy:

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Howto | Install ESET Remote Administrator on Ubuntu

After much research I decided to purchase ESET Antivirus for our Windows clients. But rather than install ESET Antivirus on each client in turn, I decided to install ESET Remote Administrator on an Ubuntu VPS. ESET Remote Administrator is a server program for controlling ESET Antivirus (and other ESET programs) on clients, you can use it to deploy the ESET Agent, which in turn can then install and monitor the ESET Antivirus software.

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Intermittent USB3 Drive Mount

I have a problem with a Samsung M3 Portable USB3 external hard drive only working intermittently. I use a couple of these for off-site backups for work and so I need them working reliably. In fairness a reboot does cure the problem, but I hate that as a solution.

To troubleshoot this problem, the first step was to check the system devices:

# ls -al /dev/disk/by-id

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Wordpress Comments Migration to Disqus

I assumed that, when I migrated from Wordpress to Jekyll, one of the casualties would be the old Wordpress comments. I had decided to use DISQUS for comments on Jekyll, partly because it is the “new thing” and partly because it is incredibly easy to achieve. But I never for a moment considered that migrating the old comments would be a possibility.

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Sleeping Better with Linux

I was reading Phones need ‘bed mode’ to protect sleep on the BBC, that computers should have a blue light filter to help people to sleep properly at night. As I am frequently working on my laptop until late in the evening, I felt that I should investigate further. Currently I do turn down the brightness, but it seems that is not enough.

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Reasons For Migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll

Following my recent announcement, I thought I would give some of my reasons for the move and some early impressions of using Jekyll.

What is Jekyll?

Jekyll is a Markdown based website and blogging platform, written in Ruby. The principle is simple - you write markown text files and they are automatically converted to static HTML webpages.

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Migration from Wordpress to Jekyll

For the past few weeks I have migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll. I have also been merging in my previous blog at

This process has proved to be much more work than I expected, but this evening it all came together and I finally pressed the button to transfer the DNS over to the Jekyll site, hosted by GitHub.

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Bac Posture Stand - Laptop Standing Desk

Being tall (6’2”), sedentary and over 40, I have succumbed to the inevitable back problems. Listening to Jono’s review of the LIFT Standing Desk on Bad Voltage reminded me that I’ve been meaning to try out working standing up, at least for part of the time. I haven’t gone for the LIFT, as I wasn’t able to find it on Amazon UK, but I have purchased the Bac Posture Stand, better known on Amazon as Portable Folding Notebook or Laptop Table - Desk - Tray - Stand - (Black).

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